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Located about 27 km south of Madiun, is Ponorogo, famous for the folkloric dance “Reyog Ponorogo”. In existence for over 100 years, the dance’s focal foint ia a huge tiger’s head decorated with over 1500 peacock feathers. Originaly collected from molter peacocks in the forest, today there feathers are easily ordered from India. This heavy mask, weighing over 50kg, is worn over the dancer’s head. With the mask in place, acrobatic and sometimes the addition of another dancer balanced a top the tiger’s head, requires a very strong dancer. A Reyog Ponorogo group is comprised of approximatlely 30 members, consisting of dancers, musicians and supporters, having become the most popular dance thoughout Java, it is now even performed on olther Indonesia provinces.
The dance, depicts the story of the King’s trip from Bantarangin to Kediri to marry Dewi Songgolangit. On the way, he stopped by a gang of tiger and peacocks led by Singobarong. The King defaets them, consequently, they joint his troupe and walk in the proccession to assist the King in his proposal of marriage to Dewi Songgolangit. The tiger and peacocks are represented by the great mask worn by the main dancer. In a affort to preserve this magical dance, a national Reyog Ponorogo Festival is held annually to wellcome the Javanese new year, know as Grebeg Suro traditional ceremony, the Reyog Ponorogo and olther traditional dances can be seen during this fertival. See the attaches East Java Calendear of Events.
The Javanese are a religious soceety; most of them are moslem, however; more cultural and religious traditional live on simultaneously. This ritual offering has long been practised and its tradition never fade. Its only intetion ia a blessing from God. Lake Ngebel, situated 18km north-east of Ponorogo ia another scenic spot to visit in this area. (khafidurrohman agustianto @2011)

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